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Diamond Fruit Growers, one of the oldest cooperatives in the country, represents more than one hundred pear and cherry orchardists farming over six thousand acres of family-owned orchards located within the Hood River Valley. Combining tradition and innovation, we are committed to supplying high quality fresh fruit in a 21st-Century market.


Diamond’s mission statement

"Diamond Fruit will maximize efficiencies and deliver a reflective and competitive return to its members to ensure that agriculture remains a viable industry in Hood River Valley. Through continual self evaluation, Diamond Fruit will learn from experiences of the past, apply this knowledge toward meeting the goals of present, and pursue opportunities to improve in the future."


Food safety continues to be an absolute of our existence. We will continue our long history of providing fruit in a caring and responsible way. GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) is one of our latest efforts to display our dedication to food safety. We value our customers trust and make daily efforts on their behalf to protect them and the land we all cherish.

Diamond Fruit Growers is located in the Hood River Valley, a vast and fertile area extending from the foot of Mt. Hood to the banks of the mighty Columbia River. The mountain’s glacial snow melt is the source of the water that keeps thousands of acres of fruit trees flourishing.