Diamond Fruit Growers is headquartered in the Hood River Valley in Oregon in the great Pacific Northwest.  Currently recognized for world class recreation including windsurfing, kiting, kayaking and alpine sports, the Hood River valley is a frequent destination for outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.  The State of Oregon also has long been known for progressive land use and sustainable practices with Portland, the State’s largest city, recently recognized as the second most bike friendly city in the world.

The beautiful Hood River Valley has a reputation for outstanding quality production for both pears and cherries.  This reputation has been earned through the years by combining three unique qualities.  First, the location of the valley between the cascade volcanoes, Mt Adams to the north and Mt Hood to the south, gives the valley rich soils with perfect texture and nutrients for fruit production.  Second, the location just east of the crest of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, provides the right number of sunny days and cool nights to maximize the outstanding flavor and quality of the fruit.  Lastly, Diamond has the commitment of family farmers who still walk their land everyday providing the best fertilizer of all, an owner’s footsteps.

Diamond Fruit Growers is one of the largest shippers of fresh pears in North America.  Along with the world wide reputation for delicious pears; Diamond Fruit Growers are planting the latest varieties of cherries best suited to the high elevation volcanic soils and local microclimates.  The result: outstanding dark sweet and rainier cherries eagerly sought by quality buyers around the world.

Diamond is organized as a farmer owned cooperative and has been operating continuously since 1913.  The cooperative structure of Diamond allows the grower members to participate in governance and strategic direction of the company.  Diamond strives on the emphasis of maintaining consistent quality that the Hood River Valley growers have focused on for generations.

As a farmer owned cooperative Diamond has a unique vision that reinforces the values that have sustained the local industry since the 1800’s.  It is: “another 100 years of family farmers preserving the natural beauty and abundance of the Hood River Valley.”  We are committed to make it so.